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Date: Tuesday, June 11th 2002 1023753600 (22 years 8 days ago)
Venue: The Onion
Location: Hamburg Germany
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals ) , Steve Valentine ( bass )
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Credit: Brian Kelly

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As midnight chimes the band will be 20 years old. The Onion stays open quite late. For the hardcore only!
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JBC 20th Anniversary Tour Travelogue - Day 4
June 11, 2002
- read Brian's full tour report here

Today was mostly business in preparation for this evening's show.

Owen & Kathy & I went to sort out the business of the tour bus, whilst Pat & Max headed off to the airport to pick up Mr. Valentine.

A little background on Steve...he is a California native and a JBC fan like myself. He volunteered to play with the boys at one point, many fans...was abducted. He helped Max record his solo record last summer, and, in that he is a lawyer, he serves as legal representation. As I say, he is quite a bit younger than the pop stars he's gigging with, and looks even younger than his age, hence the nickname of 'baby'.

So it was that we loaded up the bus, and went to the venue. This was not an 'official gig' in any real sense, more of a party and a warm up for the next week's shows. The pub itself is not really designed for a rock show...they have folk music on Tuesdays. So it was that the quarters were most tight on the 'stage'...also, it was commented upon that the bar had never heard music so loud before.

So loud, in fact, the politzei were called. As Pat pointed out, 'we may be old, but we're still antisocial.' So it was that the gig was cut short...but they did make it to the midnight mark, at which point baerbel brought out a birthday cake for the band & guests.

The strangeness of the evening left the band feeling a bit out of sorts, but a few pints and things looked brighter. At any rate, tomorrow we leave for Munich, thus starting the official tour.

Credit: Brian Kelly

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