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Role: Lead Guitar, Voice, until 27Nov1986 (his last live show with the Jazz Butcher Group of that era). To many fans who got into the Jazz Butcher early, the entire charm of the group was the interplay between Pat Fish and Max. Live, they were a force to contend with.

Addendum ... and a force they continue to be. Since about 1996, Max has been playing irregularly with the band again. If anything, his skills has become decidely better with the years. In the words of most, even casual, bystanders: "F**k, he's good."

Hotel Figueroa

A mere 15 years after his first solo venture, Eider decided he had enough material to release a follow-up. 'Picks up right where the brilliant Best Kisser left off,' enthuses the critic J Eric Smith, 'with 10 killer jazz-pop cuts ... a worthy distillation of a talented and under-appreciated player's very best work'. But don't let that put you off.


Vocals, Guitar


Other Projects

Max released a solo LP (The Best Kisser In The World) in 1987, and then worked with ex-JBC members in the David J group.

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A Drug-awareness pamphlet authored by our hero for Channel 4 (UK)

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