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I Hate Love
Now the winter's nearly gone
The living come alive
But April's getting harder every year
And you get harder, to survive
Baby, baby, no more cooing like a dove
I hate love

Now the night is nearly gone
But the fever won't subside
I'm aching in a part of me
I thought had long since given up and died
Baby, baby, when push moves on to shove
I hate love

So I'm sitting here alone
And it's nearly getting light
And if I wait a little longer
There's a chance the day might turn back into night
Baby, baby – and that's half the battle won
So I'm waiting for the sun

You tell me I'm a friend you'll miss
Well if I didn't love you girl
My god I'd hate you for this
But I'm trying, trying
I know it must be borne
So I'm waiting for the dawn Credit: ;;

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Well, I'm back from America. We had a good old time of it, and by the end of the tour we had worked 5 songs off the new record into our live set. The title of the new waxing, incidentally, is Rotten Soul.
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