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Date: Monday, May 8th 2000 957744000 (24 years 44 days ago)
Venue: Iota Cafe
Location: Arlington Virginia USA
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Steve Valentine ( bass ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals )
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Credit: Diane White

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Ah, where to begin? Pat was approachable and genuinely glad to see me and my friends as I sheepishly asked him to sign the sleeve of my DG CD sleeve. I mentioned that it took me 13 years and roaming the country to find it. He said not even HE had a copy of that. If I find another I'll send it to him. The AEUK were politely brief and were accompanied on a coupla songs by a tall and familiarly loping bass player in a mask. Another masked man remarkably slim must have gained permission to play max's guitar, somehow. I begged him to play Richmond, VA next time. I'll book the gig myself, but still well worth four hours of driving The set list, you ask? Forgive me I did not write it all down but talked them out of an original copy. Pat did a few inbetween. FOREVER was one and RAINBOW . Anyone else out there remember?

They were sold out of the Max albums but the GUESTPASS CD was quite interesting. Overall, a damned fine show by performers having as good a time as we were...EXCELLENT! Special Thanks to Mr. Valentine and Dave Whittemore for their extra touches. They made for quite a happy ending for my group.

Credit: TOM-MAX[at]

Yes! It was a great show. The venue was much smaller than the Wetlands but the crowd had plenty of energy - there were many encores. Pat was amused by the couple of people dancing to the left of the stage. My friend, who until now has heard very little JBC, was much impressed and ended up staying until the end despite the fact that she was falling asleep. I happened to be buying a beer at the same time as Mr. Fish himself so I talked to him for a few moments. Very exciting. He claims he's heard of me because of the tribute project, so I'm famous too

All in all, a great show. New tunes, old tunes, many beers, good food, everything is wonderful. I didn't think to write the setlist down, but here's some that I remember, in no apparent order:

Partytime, Don't Let Me Keep You, Drink, Who Loves You Now?, Human Jungle, Diamorphine, Girlfriend, Mr. Odd, Niagara, Come On,Marie, Rosemarie, Sweetwater, She's On Drugs, Bigfoot Motel, Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present, She's a YoYo, Take the Skinheads Bowling, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Soul Happy Hour, Baby It's You, Girls Who Keep Goldfish... Hmm... that's a lot of songs. I could be wrong. Perhaps somebody actually kept track?

Credit: Bill Maciejewski

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