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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Come On, Marie


Come On, Marie
I know you're sad.
I know you think the world's gone mad.
It's not so bad
Could be the best you've ever had.
Now I can see that you don't want to know.
It's a scary old place and you don't want to go.
Because I know you're going to get there though some day
I'm going to shout it anyway.
Come on, Marie
Move your feet, hit the street and come out with me.
Come on, Marie
Come on out, jump and shout pretty soon you'll see
As the night comes down
And the lights come up all over town,
I'll get high (x5) yea-ah.
And if you fall
Well you cannot give more than your all.
Come on out and set this town alight
'coz we'll be staying up all night.
Beauty is pain? Well you best run that by me again.
Cause I just want to be sure,
'coz I don't think I've been here before.
You want to come up to speed.
I've got something someone somewhere needs.
I don't know what you're waiting for.
Late night high velocity
Transatlantic tendency
The neighbors bangin' on the wall
We won't turn it down at all
High risk sonic burglary
Stuff the culture industry
Just keep it real and make it rhyme
And have a good time all the time
(Chorus (x2)
Come on, come on, come on, come on Marie (x2) Credit: ;;

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