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Baby, It's You
It's not the way you look –
Though with the way you look it might do –
Makes me act like such a fool
So self-conscious, like I'm back at school
No, no, it's not the way you look
That's beating my heart black and blue
Making me a laughing stock
Making up to you

I don't think it's the time of life
Though we've been weathering a crisis or two
I must have used up all my friends'
Emotional dividends
And I know at my time of life
I might have a bit more of a clue
But I left my mind some distance back
Trying to get to you

What else could I do?
What could I do
What can you do?
Baby it's you
She said: If there's a baby it's you
She said, baby it's you

Only the thought of you, nothing more than this
That's the worm that's working in my brains
Only the idea of you, nothing else to hold on to
Only the idea of you remains

I still don't really understand
I can hardly believe that it's true
Now I know rejection, jealousy
Are all that they're cracked up to be
And I know I can’t be someone else
Trying to be something to you
And heaven help me, Marianne,
I'd be grey as well as blue

By the time I got through
Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Waiting for you
Baby I'm through
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