The Jazz Butcher


I've been stayin' up all night
Smoking hard and trying to write
These words for you wherever you may be
Cause I don't get out much these days,
If there's no rainbows left to chase
It wouldn't matter much to me.
Heads up, here comes that evil sound!
Tons of water crashing down
It weighs so much I can't leave town.
A picture of Niagra falls
From where it hangs upon my walls
Reminding me that we don't live forever.
Though I thought those days were done,
I keep my hand upon my gun.
If there's one thing that I can't stand it's clever.
Oh, I'll never get used to that sound
Tons of water crashing down
It rocks my world I can't sit down.
A thousand tons of water crashing down
God, it's so heavy it's so loud
It's crushing me, I hope you're proud.
Niagra (x5) Credit: ;;

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Rotten Soul
Well, I'm back from America. We had a good old time of it, and by the end of the tour we had worked 5 songs off the new record into our live set. The title of the new waxing, incidentally, is Rotten Soul.
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