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Date: Thursday, May 11th 2000 958003200 (24 years 41 days ago)
Venue: Mercury Lounge
Location: New York New York USA
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Steve Valentine ( bass ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals ) , Kathie McGinty ( vocals ) , David J. ( bass )
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Credit: Robert Ferin
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Credit: Diane White

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Wow. What a great show. 'The Count' kicked things off. This band played a long-ish set and it was not without its points of interest. I can only presume that the guy in the top hat with the cape was the count. He sang and played keyboards. The rest of the band consisted of a merging of a string quartet (2 violins/viola/cello) and yer garden-varienty pop combo (guitar/bass/drums).

AEUK was short, loud and amusing. Guest performers crawled out of the woodwork, including David J on the first number. The "Barrister of Bass" (Pat in a Ski Mask) joined in on their second...ummm...tune. Then two other mysterymen joined in: Cassanova of something or other (Max in a sunglasses and a ZZ Top beard made out of paper) and Owen sporting that UniBomber chic on accordian for most of the rest of their set.

At about 10:55 the JBC took the stage in anger. The set was (I think) identical to the Cleveland show. Many smiles all around. There were some obnoxious folks shouting out rude things about Steve Valentine (whom Pat referred to as 'the Cute One'). Pat handled them with aplomb. David J made another appearance, joining in during Caroline Wheeler.

I chatted briefly with Kathie after the show and she said that they'll be going home on Sunday. I hope the have a fun-filled, work-free weekend here in the US of A.

cheers, jd

PS Pat referred to Max as 'the Talented One'. If Steve is 'The Cute One', what does that make Pat and Owen? Hmmmm?

PPS Anyone know if I can get me one of them Polo shirts my post? I was low on cash and I had to make a choice between a shirt and the Max CD (yes! they had some there!). I chose Max.

Credit: John Devitofranceschi

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