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Date: Tuesday, April 18th 2000 956016000 (24 years 72 days ago)
Venue: Phantasy Nite Club
Location: Cleveland Ohio USA
Admission: $10
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Steve Valentine ( bass ) , Owen Jones ( drums, vocals )

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So let's get right to it -

Opening Band #1: Bath. Have you heard Nico's Camera Obscura record? I doubt they have either, but for awhile there they sounded kind of good. It went on a bit long. Fellow list memeber Tom Zimmer said it best, "They have crossed the line from entertainment into self-indulgence." "Always leave them wanting more" as they say ....

...Which would not have been possible for A.E.U.K., who assaulted the crowd with mediocrity. Now, they were not a loud, heavy metalish thing as I was led to believe by previous reviews. They were a run-of-the-mill bar band - sounding a bit like Pat Benetar, Plasmatics, etc... I fuckin' wish! Even at the end of their set, when the tight-pantsed singer said, "good night Cleveland! You guys rock!" - it was flat. Not much enthusiasm coming off the stage. I'm falling asleep just thinking about them.

A mercifully short 25 minute set by A.E.U.K. was followed-up by a wonderful-as-always set by the JBC. The room was swaying like a boat - because it *is* a boat. And that's a fact. (So went the lyrics in the The Human Jungle - the Phantasy Nite Club has these big friggin' (in the riggin') BOATS in it. Not canoes like at kitchy chain resturants - BOATS. Big... schooners or something.... like you would find a a kitchy one-of-a-kind resturant in Florida hmmmm.) " Don't Let Me Keep You ( Owen Jones ) " - written and performed by one Owen Jones - a memorable tune. Infectious even. Available on the limited edition CD given to the Guestpass 2000 crowd. I'll be singing it all day.

The other three tracks on the CD:
1.a JBC/Sumo number
2.a new Max Eider original
3.a song about Pat's Cat

We'll see what we can do about posting some lo-fi, mono excerpts.

The review of the Boston show can probably take over from here - sounds as if the two shows were similar. (Setlist will be published for those who are SO curious.)

Wish the crowd had been bigger. Probably about 50 people there... and why do the people standing behind me always have to be talking?

Credit: Dave Ungar

I of course have to agree with Dave (being the TZ mentioned in the previous review). Great show.

We agreed Dave got to review the show. I got the bassist's set list (thanks to Kathie) and get to do the fashion review.

I'd say there were between 45 and 60 people there. One group being members and/or hangers on of the opening act band members dressed akin to Thomas Dolby, hangers on in full Gothic regalia, and all way too young to be out that late.

Second group, also young, dressed in full Seattle grunge outfits. Fashion trends tend to hit Cleveland late I guess.

Third group, and the largest, 30 and 40 + regular folks.

BTW, AEUK stands for "anything you want it to", according to the singer. If anyone has the nerve, ask her what keeps her pants from falling down.

Oh, and JBC were, well, I don't think it could have been much better. Good sound, good tunes, hard to remember anything to complain about (other than getting home at 4am from Cleveburg). The new tunes blend seemlessly with the old IMHO. If you're still hedging about attending this tour, get off your arse and go see 'em!

Credit: TZ

PS. Oh, and the polo shirts are the best souvenir deal. All the rest look like they'll shrink to fit your kids after one washing.
Credit: Tom

Cleveland, where were you? As the night moved forward, the crowd dwindled down to 30 to 40 MAX once the black-suited members (very 80's guys!) took the stage and set-up their own gear (kinda makes them human, huh?) PLEASE: If someone reads this before departing to an upcoming show, please make Max a sandwich! That boy needs some muscle on his frame!

Anyway, the show was mediocre - but this was not the band's fault. The sound was horrible - way too loud for this type of music and way too bassy. The crowd's size took all the wind out of the Phantasy's sails, the band, and the atmosphere - you could almost "hear" the guys looking at their watches if you had really good ears (?). The show seemed rushed, lacking emotion, and honestly, I don't blame them. When I last saw them in New York in September, there was something vital about the whole affair, and the crowd and vibe that went along with it made it a smoking show! This could not be said for Cleveland. I was very disappointed, and I feel the band felt that way too. A kind of "Why bother running on all 6 cylinders mate!" kinda thing.

Pat played very well, and at times was full of manic energy. Max was the best he could be at 100 lbs. fighting weight. However, our relatively new bassist needs some more lessons! His playing was very weak and I couldn't help feeling through the whole show that he just learned the songs that afternoon! Nothing personal, but his playing felt as if it were "lacking" something - that something being a style.

The 50/50 cotton blend items were totally garbage, although it was very nice to be able to pick up Max's CD without putting out much yen.

Ooops, look at the time! I'm anticipating any minute now being thrown off the mailing list and....

Credit: WizardGlik[at]

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