The Jazz Butcher
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Release Type: album
Released: 2000-06
Label: Vinyl Japan
Catalogue: ASKCD114
1. Big Cats
2. Come On, Marie
3. Baby, It's You
4. Mister Siberia
5. Tough Priest
6. Sleepwalking
7. Niagara
8. The One You Adore
9. The Ballad Of Tiny And Clyde
10. I Hate Love
11. Call Me
12. Diamorphine

Mitch Jenkins - photography
Peter Crouch - engineer
Pat Fish - producer
Max Eider - producer
Pat Fish - fender telecaster, acoustic guitar, bass, singing
Max Eider - gretsch double anniversary, singing, bass
Owen Jones - accordian, percussion, singing, catering
Peter Crouch - fender stratocaster, shouting
Kathie McGinty - singing, logistics
Pat Beirne - mouth organ


Recorded by Peter Crouch at Studio Leviathan, Earth, March-April
Programmed and produced by Pat Fish and Max Eider
Legal Representation: Steve Valentine (thanks to David Whittemore)
Liner Notes
Pat and I go back a long way. I've always been a Butcher fan, although it's no secret that there was a brief period when I would have liked to have killed him, dismembered his body, buried the parts at the four corners of the earth and visited each in turn to have a bit of a dance. I felt sure he would have done the same for me. [Actually, I never entertained these kind of thoughts about The Talented One, but now that he comes to mention it, it does sound like a bit of a laugh - Ed.]

But that was a long time ago. We never quite cut the knot, and so it is - through a strange mixture of complicity, happenstances, hard liquor and Vinyl Japan - that we cam to make this record. We have nothing but good to say of Vinyl Japan, but I'm sure they won't mind my pointing out that it's been made on the cheap. This involved Pat in becoming a bass player and virtual drummer, among other things (leave it, Crouchy), and I had many happy visits to Northampton NN1 to pursue conversations such as: 'Barrapadap.' 'What, brapadap?' 'No, barrapadap.' 'Oh, barrapadap ... I see.'

Anyway, the main purpose of these notes is to give thanks and thanks are primarily due to co-conspiratorial guitar player Peter Crouch , who owns the house and a good deal of the equipment and patience that made this record possible. The other main conspirators are listed elsewhere on this sleeve. Also conniving were: Agent Russell Cooper; Gabriel Turner (aka Inexxor); Ian Botterill (courtesy of Fat Controller); Curtis E. Johnson (we are not worthy); Paul Taylor; Tetsuya Nakatani; John Whitfield and all at Vinyl Japan; and, unwittingly but gratefully, the proprietors of the local boozer and off-license. Little Jake and Hobbu thank Richard Morris. And then there's you, of course, assuming that you've actually shelled out some of your hard-earned cash to listen to this product of disgusted, disappointed, dissipated and rotten souls.

;;Max Eider;;;;2000-04