The Jazz Butcher
Gabriel Turner


[shakespeare road NN1, new years evening] Credit: David Whittemore 2000-01-01 (Saturday, 1st of January 2000 - 24 years 155 days ago)

The only regular patron of the Love Bus under thirty (like by ten years, as it goes). Joined J.B.C. through pure serendipity in spring 1994 (The story briefly: Gabriel is JBC fan. Gabriel goes to see JBC perform in London - New Cross Venue, November 27th 1993. Gabriel notices that JBC are drumless. Gabriel remembers that he can play drums. Gabriel makes mental note to speak to Butcher post gig. Butcher plays gig. Butcher breaks guitar. Gabriel decides this not right time to speak to Butcher. Gabriel goes home and writes Butcher letter. Butcher calls Gabriel. "Fancy playing drums for us," asks Butcher. "Yowsa," replies Gabriel. And the rest is disturbingly extensively documented elsewhere in technoland). Turner keywords: Jagermeister, Maxwin, Yokel.


Drums, Guitar


Gabriel Turner has 4 album credits
Illuminate .. The Jazz Butcher's Free Lunch .. Sixteen Years .. This Is Sumo


Years Active
Active: 1994-1998 (click to explore)