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Date: Thursday, September 16th 1999 937440000 (24 years 277 days ago)
Venue: Crocodile Cafe
Location: Seattle Washington USA
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals , bass ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals ) , Owen Jones ( accordion , drums ) , Steve Valentine ( bass )

Bootlegger: Brent Aliverti, brenta_ms[at]
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Credit: Leisa ReFalo
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Credit: Brent Aliverti

📝 Pat Says

First of all a word of thanks to Bob Frangooles and Anne Pace, who accommodated the glorious and idiotic JBC touring posse royally throughout our stay in Seattle. We had a really wonderful time staying at their green and peaceful house, despite the best efforts of their dog Fern to keep us up all night playing frisbee.

So we arrived well rested at the Crocodile Cafe to enjoy Pilsner Urquell and engage in a bizarre debate as to whether the club management should dismantle the internal walls of the club for our show. Of course, we went for the most destructive option and down came the wall! Just as well, because a large and enthusiastic crowd gathered, no doubt prompted by some seriously flattering local press. In the absence of a support act the JBC opened for themselves, rather in the manner of the San Francisco show.

Both sets went well, with the band set being a bit more raucous than at Portland, largely on account of the Butcher being back up on his feet. The crowd responded warmly perhaps a bit too warmly in the case of a bunch of nutters who shouted in fake British accents and threw ice at the stage throughout. In fact, the Butcher took an ice cube in the eye just at the start of Roadrunner. No matter, it'll take more than that to put a stop to our unwholesome activities. Later the Butcher was accosted by two of the aforementioned loonies, who were dead keen to point out that throwing shit at the stage was a "mark of respect" in Seattle. Funnily enough, nobody else we met in Seattle could back up this dubious assertion, but then maybe nobody else we met in Seattle regularly goes to gigs by Tad's Respect is also due to the fans who broke out of Canada for the evening and came down from Vancouver to see us.

The show was taped (off the board, I suspect, from the rather "boxy" vocal-heavy sound) by Brent Aliverti, whose e-mail address is: brenta_ms[at]

Audience: About 350

Line-up: Pat, Max, Owen, Steve
Credit: ;;

🎼 Played

Set 1
1. Partytime
Pat & Max
2. Falling In Love
3. Raking Up the Leaves ( Max Eider )
4. Whaddya?
5. Just Like Bettie Page
6. Girls Who Keep Goldfish
Owen on accordion
7. Baby, It's You ( Max Eider )
8. Don't Let Me Keep You ( Owen Jones )
9. Who Loves You Now?
Owen on drums, Pat on bass
10. D.R.I.N.K.
Owen on drums
Set 2
1. Soul Happy Hour
Pat & Max
2. She's On Drugs
Pat & Max
3. Mr. Odd
Pat & Max
4. Rain
Pat & Max
5. Walk With The Devil
Pat & Max
6. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
Pat & Max
7. Angels
Pat & Max
8. Girlfriend
Pat & Max
9. The Long Night Starts ( Max Eider )
Pat & Max
10. Take The Skinheads Bowling (Camper Van Beethoven)
11. Bigfoot Motel
Pat & Max
12. Zombie Love
Pat & Max
Encore 1
1. Roadrunner (Jonathan Richman)
Encore 2
1. The Jazz Butcher Meets Count Dracula (Vlad Dracul 2000)
Pat & Max
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