The Jazz Butcher
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Date: Monday, June 17th 2013 1371427200 (11 years 9 days ago)
Venue: The Cake Shop (Website)
Location: 152 Ludlow Street New York New York USA 10002
Telephone: 212 253 0036
Admission: $10
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals )
[download PDF suitable for CD] PDF suitable for CD Credit: Lito Vale
📷 Photos
Credit: Cake Shop
Credit: Greg Betza
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Credit: Matt Condon
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Credit: Foonon
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Credit: Lito Vales


♥ Reviews

Jazz Butcher 6/17/2013

I went to see the Jazz Butcher last night and it was very good.

The venue was a little place called The Cake Shop and it’s a wonderful combination cafe/record shop/music venue.

When I arrived, Pat’n’Max were outside chatting with folks.



Max Fish:

Sorry! wrong picture. That’s a little place up the street from the Cake Shop (funny name though, innit?)

Here they are, looking mighty hungry and quite possibly eyeing your humble photographer with culinary intent. Good thing meat has not been on Pat’s menu since the mid-80’s (though my wife sometimes thinks me a potato)!

There were two opening acts. The first was an excellent gentleman named Paul Wallfisch (of Botanica). A very entertaining set played to a generous crowd:

Admiring onlookers:

(where have I seen them before?)

Second up was a nice little combo called “Sapphire Mansions” I thought them very interesting and I would definitely enjoy seeing them again:

The amp silver amp behind the guitar player caused no end of trouble throughout the set with was most unfortunate, not just for them but for poor Max as well, but I get ahead of myself.

By the time the SM’s cleared the stage it was about 11:15 and time for the main event. The Jazz Butcher!

Max was plugged into the evil silver guitar amp and could only make the horrible humming stop while turned almost completely away from the audience. Still, they carried on like the seasoned professionals they are and played a very satisfying set, indeed:

Big Saturday
Southern Mark Smith
Baby It’s You
Betty Page
Shame About You
Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Tombé dans les pommes
Black Raoul
Party Time
Shirley MacLaine


Who Loves You Now?
Soul Happy Hour

It was 12:30 by the time it was over.
Credit: Foonon

🎼 Played

Warmup 1
1. Girlfriend
Credit: Tom Peterson
Set 1
The Entire Performance
1. Big Saturday
Credit: John Leon
2. Holiday
Credit: John Leon
3. Mercy
Credit: John Leon
4. Southern Mark Smith
Credit: John Leon
5. Baby, It's You ( Max Eider )
Credit: John Leon
6. Girlfriend
Credit: John Leon
7. Just Like Bettie Page
Credit: John Leon
8. Shame About You
Credit: John Leon
9. Animals
Credit: John Leon
10. Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
Credit: John Leon
11. Tombé dans les pommes
Credit: John Leon
12. Black Raoul
Credit: John Leon
13. Shakey
Credit: John Leon
14. Partytime
Credit: Tom Peterson
14. Partytime
Credit: John Leon
15. Shirley MacLaine
Credit: John Leon
Encore 1
1. Who Loves You Now?
Credit: Tom Peterson
1. Who Loves You Now?
Credit: John Leon
2. Soul Happy Hour
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