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Date: Saturday, November 18th 1989 627350400 (34 years 226 days ago)
Venue: Ratskeller
Location: Madison Wisconsin USA
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Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Richard Formby ( guitar )
Walkman, Quality: 5 (out of 10), Performance: A, Generation: 0
[poster for XX] Credit: David Whittemore

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in talking with the butcher before the show, i was showing pat the Spooky cd and they were freaking "ah, weve never seen the cd of this" and he asked me if i wanted to hear them do anything off of it well i am thinking to myself "he just saying that", but i request Girl-Go and they played it.
Credit: David Whittemore

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