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More and more people are using illegal drugs. Cannabis is by far the most popular, but many young people also take drugs such as LSD, amphetamines and ecstasy as a normal part of their social lives, much as other people have a few drinks.

One reason for this may be that a drug's legal status is a poor guide to its safety. For instance, alcohol, like heroin, can lead to serious personal and social problems, serious damage to mental and physical health and even death. Or, to compare illegal drugs, the Misuse of Drugs Act puts ecstasy and heroin in the same class, but heroin carries a far greater risk of dependence and associated problems.

So the need for straightforward information about both legal and illegal drugs is clear. This Website explains what the various drugs are, why people use them, and why they might wish they hadn't. There are also sections on the law and
on general safety, and an extensive list of sources of advice and further information.


Produced by BSS to accompany Drugs Uncovered a season of programmes exploring drug-related issues, first shown on Channel 4 in autumn 1998

Writer: Peter Millson
Editor: Paula Snyder
Consultant and additional material: Dr Ron Alcorn, consultant psychiatrist in problems of substance misuse
images: Science Photo Library, Network Photographers, Photofusion. All images copywrite control.

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