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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 20:02:54 -0800
From: ae906[at] (Stephen Larsen)
Subject: Southern Mark E. Smith

I don't believe when Fishy says that "Southern Mark Smith" isn't a
reference to Mark E. Smith. It's his first single. At the time he was
probably just getting serious about trying to devote his life to his
music. The song is about people finding out what's important to them in
life, like the Pope. Mark E. Smith is a very serious (pretentious?)
musician who has clearly found out what makes his heart sing. Fish is a
very lighthearted musician who has found out what makes his heart sing.
Smith is (or was, until the "Manchester" thing) very strongly associated
with Northern music. So Fish wants to be a Southern, lighthearted
version of Mark Smith. The line on the _Scandal_ version of "Southern
Mark Smith," "hey, don't you know they only make pop records out of
plastic" tells listeners to not take pop music too seriously, as Mark E.
Smith, or at least his serious fans, do. Fish also sings about coming
out to clubs, being trendy ("put on your best friend's anorak), and
checking out the music. He is suggesting that listeners make the music
scene a part of their life, as Smith has done in a rather serious way,
and Fish has done in a much more lighthearted way.

Sorry, I have no life, and thus spend too much time thinking about pop
songs. Hopefully I'd fall into the Southern school and not the Northern

Hmm, I think I'll have another of those . . .

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