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Date: Tue, 6 Dec 1994 18:57:50 GMT
From: Cliff Lovelock <CLIFF[at]>
Subject: Thing

...but it don't run no FBI

That song, which I can't remeber the title of, always goes
through my head, along with many other songs off Big
Questions (like Conspiracy, Peter Lorre, Olof Palme, Big Old

I flicked through the latest correspondence in a hurry so I
don't know if anyone mentioned-in connection with Max- that
there is a band called The Best Kissers in The World who
released a fine EP on Sub Pop a few years ago and an album,
which I haven't heard, more recently. Does anyone know if
there is any connection (I doubt it) between Max and this

Love, Cliff.

"Take off that jump suit, you look like Grace Slick."
Camper Van Beethoven

P.S. Are the lyrics for Down The Drain anywhere as I have
an itching to find out where it is he wishes he'd born in
the line before "I wish I'd been a tiger even more"