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Date: Monday, May 7th 2012 10:00pm 1336428000 (12 years 78 days ago)
Venue: The Wheelbarrow
Event: Games For May
Location: 55 Camden High Street London England NW1
Admission: free
⭐ With
Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )
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Solo acoustic, taking part in a 14 hour festival of poetry, music and art involving Pete Bassman (the Darkside), Sterling Rosco (Spacemen 3) and the legendary Mike Absalom, among others. I'm on at around ten o'clock in the evening. Admission free. Starts midday.
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πŸ“ Pat Says

The Games for May thing in London turned out to be very enjoyable. Rosco and his pals did a 3 song set of songs from Syd Barrett's Pink Floyd, including See Emily Play, of course. Mindblowing. I did a sit-down loud acoustic set.
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🎼 Played

Set 1
1. Blue Flower (Slapp Happy)
2. Animals
3. Last of the Gentleman Adventurers
4. Quality People (Wilson)
5. Soul Happy Hour
6. Shirley Maclaine
Credit: Charlie Pritchard
7. Southern Mark Smith
Credit: Charlie Pritchard
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