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Date: Sunday, April 22nd 2012 7:30pm 1335123000 (12 years 39 days ago)
Venue: The Kitchen Garden Cafe
Location: 17 York Road King's Heath, Birmingham England B14 7SA
Admission: £10:00
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Pat Fish Solo ( guitar, vocals )


Solo acoustic, supporting the very excellent Micky Greaney and his new band. Amazing venue: it's like the Garden of Eden with a bar. Admission £10.00 - Starts 7:30pm.
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📝 Pat Says

a super night at the kitchen garden cafe. micky greaney and his band were simply awesome, as good a live performance as i have ever seen. everyone was very nice to me and the beer was quality. special thanks to johnny p. purcell for logistics and righteousness beyond the call thereof.
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