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Date: Saturday, December 1st 2012 6:00pm 1354384800 (11 years 206 days ago)
Venue: Basement Bar
Location: Shimokitizawa Tokyo Japan
Admission: £3:00
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals )
📷 Photos
20121201_opal_krusch_flier 20121201_opal_krusch_pat 20121201_opal_krusch_patsmiles
It was a very cold day for early December. Pat often got cramps in the arm and fingers during the shows, saying "I'm 54!" His guitar playing was perfect, though.
20121201_opal_krusch_max 20121201_opal_krusch_eider 20121201_opal_krusch_maxsmiles
Max learnt some Japanese and he tried to do MC in Japanese as much as possible.
Pat & Max, playing "Bigfoot Motel"
Curtain call.

Credit: opal_krusch



[poster for XX] Credit: Ayuko Koyabashi

📝 Pat Says

Saturday night: Basement Bar, Shimokitizawa. Eider stuns audience and rhythm guitarist by jabbering at length in Japanese. Rhythm guitarist experiences spectacular jet-lag cramp in all four limbs during performance, leading to some interesting guitar maneouvres. Audience painfully hip. ambience deliciously warm. Total buzz. Taxis. For encores we played "Soul Happy Hour" and then "Girls Who Keep Goldfish" and "Sweet Jane" (the way we used to do in about 1983).

Ayuko Koyabashi made a poster with a rather flattering depiction of the performers.
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