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Date: Tuesday, July 26th 1994 775180800 (29 years 315 days ago)
Venue: Fleece Firkins
Location: Bristol England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Alex Green ( Saxophone ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Gabriel Turner ( drums ) , Dave Henderson ( guitar )

📝 Pat Says

A smallish crowd, but perfectly formed. All of Strangelove showed up with wives, girlfriends and family pets, as did half The Blue Aeroplanes, and Donald Ross-Skinner. We played well, the P.A. was fine, and the party afterwards was long. Dave Henderson , a Dylan nut, had been warned not to talk Gerard Langley about the Big Z., but went ahead and did it anyway. Most amusing.
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♥ Reviews

A completely futile but largely pleasant outing. I'm not sure anybody in the audience wasn't known to the band... including large The Blue Aeroplanes and Strangelove delegations. The Aeroplanes contingent observed quietly, scratched their chins and pronounced the performance fairly distinguished. Strangelove reached a similar conclusion by way of the (altogether nobler) method of getting so slaughtered that they couldn't tell anyway. Perhaps the most notable moment of the evening was when the JBC, displaying a spontaneity and confidence rarely seen in these parts, decided that Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present would be a good choice of second encore... despite the fact that the drummer had never played it and the lead guitarist had never heard it. Triumphantly, no-one noticed.
Credit: Gabriel Turner 1995-02-12 17:30:14

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