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Max Eider
Max Eider 's website. sick and fun and completely necessary.

Peter Crouch has now finished his solo album. The act is called Cellartime and the album is called "As It Went Down". Right now folks can get a copy of the CD by sending Crouchy $10:00. Bargain! Find out exactly how to pull off this feat of impeccable taste by contacting Pete.[at]

David J
The official website for David J.

Wolfgang Tschegg
Wolfgang has wandered online...

Bug him for a copy of any of his records - they are inventive and beautiful.

Mick Mercer
One of The Butcher's favourite journalists and all-round gentleman adventurers is flogging all manner of priceless pop pictures for the discerning at

The Black Watch
I first encountered The Black Watch at the end of the eighties in Los Angeles, where they live. I can't recall the connection, though it may have been that very, very, very, very, very bad man O'Higgins, who has been working with them for a long time now. Bless their whimsical souls, they call him "Higgledy".

I got to know the band better during my self-imposed LA exile in 1991. John is an astonishingly erudite geezer With A Past, J'Anna is sweet and brilliant, and - for one night in September '91 at least - bassist Roger and I were going to get married. (This is probably O'Higgins' fault. Suffice to say that Roger left the band shortly thereafter and has not been heard from again...)

When we played The Roxy in 1992 the Black Watch opened for us, and J'Anna joined the JBC with her violin for a version of Racheland. So now you know the best musician we ever worked with.

John and J'Anna were in at the death of NN1's Interwaffle Cafe (home of the club that Curtis and I used to run, "Escalation") on New Year's Eve '98/'99. Despite being assailed by wreathes of smoke and menaced by strange natives on every side, they coped bravely and a good time was had by all.

The Black Watch keep producing lovely, melodic records and you can find out more about these - and even download a copy of John's novel.

The Purelove
From Hamburg, Germany - Their work found it's peak in the recordings of their debut album "King Pop" in 1996 supported by their friend and idol Pat Fish aka The Jazz Butcher (guitars).

Desmond Hobbubu
Hello, I do not understand. It must be mistake. You have missed my VERY IMPORTANT website.

Love Music, Hate Racism
The Warlocks
Good new rock band alert!

The Warlocks are a fine bunch of drone-rockers from Los Angeles. (The NME thinks they come from San Francisco. They do not.) They actually opened for the JBC at the Troubadour on 9/9/99, but we didn't get to see much of them that night. Last week they came to NN1 and Sonic Boom and I went to see them. They have really come on, and anybody who likes Spacemen 3 is going to dig this band. Sonic even joined them for a couple of numbers, doing his feedback thing.

The Warlocks are currently touring the USA with Interpol. Tour dates and a whole lot more at: . UK listeners will have to wait until they come back over here in April.

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