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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 94 10:22:36 PDT
From: jcooper[at]
Subject: Harlan

The beauteous and deep Amy E Gregoret (greg0003[at] wrote:

> A lyrics question (I am still ruminating on the birdlime issue, trying to
> phrase my support of the word in context) raised by a pal this evening
> while "Distressed Gentlefolk" was on. What the HELL is the bit they
> repeat throughout "Big Bad Thing" at the breaks? Guess this must
> have been puzzling me since I was sixteen.

To me it sounds like "what you want?" in a threatening Hungarian accent:

VOT YOU VANT? ...I want to get out of here...(questions and answers)

John Cooper - jcooper[at] - Seattle, Washington, USA