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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 94 10:34:14 PDT
From: jcooper[at]
Subject: Red Rockets Shot My Rocket Down

Some months ago, a friend of mine who knows very little about the JBC made me a
tape on which he included a track by "The Plymouth Fastbucks" [sic.] called...
drum roll please..."Red Rockets Shot My Rocket Down." It's a different version
than the track on "Bloody Nonsense" (where it's called, if memory serves,
"President Reagan's Birthday Present"), but the singer is absolutely-without-a-
doubt-from-the-first-two-syllables Pat Fish.

Does anybody know anything about this version? I actually like it better than
the one on "Bloody Nonsense." But why the silly band name?

John Dylan Cooper - jcooper[at] - Seattle, Washington, USA