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Date: Thu, 22 Sep 1994 14:56:26 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del>
Subject: news

a gentleman on the other end of the phone passed on the following info:

* o no US/Canadia tour in 94, due to Sony-CA hassles
* o the next/last album as the JBC is to be put onto tape
* next month, released in january. title unclear at this
* moment, ("Cort eating sheep", maybe), as pat is still
* finding the "mood". song titles at this point:
* "Old Snakey" - about a guy in an insane asylum who keeps
* an old egyptian statuette which causes 4000
* year-old people to come and beat him up.
* "Fight For A Normal Life"
* "When Eno Sings" - in the James sing-along stadium-rock vein.
* "Nico In The Bar"
* working lyric ideas: "life's too short, but so are you"
* o "last album": the JBC moniker has been a "millstone around
* my neck for at least the last 3 years". "we want to pull
* out all the stops, moreso than on Cult".
* o the secret weapon for this album will be one David J manning
* the knobs during the mix - it is only natural, and pat
* figures it will be worth a few sales on that fact alone.
* o his passport expires tomorrow, he was sealing it up in the
* re-application envelope when i called. he was lamenting
* having to say good-bye to the DDR visas, and the general
* fact that his passport had been through it ALL.
* o good news on future tours... "big bazzer", the guy who did
* the Blue Aeroplane's sound during the 90 US tour is starting
* up his own tour-running thing, and the JBC are on board.
* also under baz's wing are The Cramps.
* o i had to re-assure him that Chris Camfield was NOT making
* massive quantities of money off of the t-shirt thing.
* o news to make edwardc happy: the Black Eg have "fucked off",
* and it is rumored that an outfit called the White Eggs have
* begun a retaliation campaign. the fortress rave-gig did not
* happen, as the soundpeople had no way to plug the Eg in.
* the Black Eg left, disgusted, and declared England full of pigs.
* o sales in Japan are "rising, son"
* o on Haiti - "they check in, but they don't check out - you would
* think at least someone in the White House would have heard
* that by now!"

gigs upcoming:
* 12Oct94 - Its Got To Be Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar), Northampton
* 21Dec94 - Its Got To Be Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar), Northampton

AND - waiting in the post when i got to work: another 10-pager to be typed-up
and passed onto the jbc-list. includes gig reviews, details on the above,
and some more "talk-back" to previous jbc-list posts. these should start
going out this evening and be available on the WWW server thereafter.