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Date: Wed, 21 Sep 94 16:52:51 EDT
From: BertieV[at]
Subject: songwriter output, albums...

Oh well, in the name of don't-just-sit-there-SAY-something, here goes.....

The question of quantity VERSUS quality is an interesting one, but
subjective. Suppose Pat only put out half as many albums as he actually has.
What if he has a different idea about what the best songs are? Hate to
mention this, and I'm tossing this out as a generality, and NOT in Pat's
case, cos I don't have a clue, but an artist isn't always the best judge of
his own material.

I'd like to cast a vote in favor of Condition Blue in the debate, also.
Different, to be sure, and admittedly not every song works perfectly (though
I can't think of an album where every song does). If one does that, though,
the whole good-bad-good-bad-good etc rhythm gets screwed up royally, though I
should admit here that I've never cared for Distressed Gentlefolk, which
might (or might not) redress the balance, but I'm beginning to get confused
and maybe I should just lie down for a while.

A bientot,


"And if you count me,
Count me
* ---Arthur Lee