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Date: Wed, 17 Aug 94 16:17:00 EDT
From: "Camfield,Chris" <ChrisC[at]>
Subject: Looking For Lot 49

I just wanted to mention, on the subject of Lot 49...

I actually read the book earlier this summer, because of the song. (I
thought "what the hey, why not" when it was on the recommended reading shelf
at my local library.) As far as I can remember, the only bit of the song
that refers to the book is the bit about the man on the corner... I think
that it goes something like:

There's a man on the corner with egg in his hair
(Something) and I don't like his stare
But he's only a postman so what do I care

The book deals for the most part with some weird 19th-century postal company
and secrets concerning it... so the postman is the only tie-in.

If I was to do a book review, I would definitely use the word "strange" a
lot. It's a weird book.