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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 94 19:06:03 BST
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: JBC LoveBus Font

For those that are interested, my latest (but still far from perfect)
attempt to emulate the LoveBus coverfont by endlessly fiddling with curves
in Corel is available from my WWW server.

Either fetch:


or go through my brand new, under development, heavy-on-the-semiotics


and click on the very bottom left of the JBC logo there.

Rather worryingly, I've reached the limit of my artistic abilities
re:typography, but it may just be that Corel is a crap program. Can anyone
do any better? Does anyone want to? Is there anybody there?

The tar file contains the .GIF and the .CDR (v3) for those with Corel Draw.

I should put the penguin back, I think.