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Date: Wed, 11 May 1994 18:15:04 -0400
From: Chris Camfield <ccamfiel[at]>
Subject: Comments on WFTLB

Well, I don't have the album with me and I haven't had the chance to
listen to it for a couple of days, but someone thought that there
weren't any real "rockers" on the album. I would have thought
that Bakersfield would qualify, though perhaps it isn't hard enough
on the album? It could definitely rock live, I think. Incidentally,
what is the significance of Bakersfield? The phrase "Bakersfield
massacre" springs to mind but I honestly can't remember anything

I suppose it's a funny category, but I think that Sweetwater has to
qualify as the most "up" song I've heard from the Butcher.

I think I'll go have another listen tonight and get back to this.

"We are penguins, only penguins....." :)

Chris Camfield (ccamfiel[at]
"There's silence and there's blindness in a raging world,
* But the healer in your heart is only a moment away."
* (Runrig, "Healer In Your Heart")