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Date: Thu, 12 May 94 13:34:40 EST
From: George Heard <heard[at]>
Subject: The Love Bus is nearly here...

G'day guys,

* The new catalogues arrived yesterday - Waiting for the Love Bus can be
ordered in Tasmania! Whee!

* This information made me feel less bad about coming home from work early
with a stomach virus (ugh, winter). So while I'm here, a few random thoughts...

* Robyn Hitchcock: Never heard of until yesterday I found a second-hand
copy of "Queen Elvis". Nice album - I really liked about three tracks on it.
I can see why Jazz Butcher fans would like it.

* Cult Of The Basement: Is there an album anywhere that grows on you more
than this one? Being a self-confessed "Early JBC Fan", and basically driving my
flatmates nuts by endless playing of songs like "Peter Lorre", "Elephant",
"The Devil is my Friend" and "Jazz Butcher v Prime Minister", the first time
I listened to CoTB I only liked "Panic In Room 109" and "My Zeppelin". Now I
just can't stop humming "The Onion Field" and "Pineapple Tuesday" all the
time. Does Pat ever play "The Onion Field" in a set?

* Western Family: OK, I remember the list dumped all over it one time, but
it has never been spotted in an Australian catalogue, and I nearly whooped when
I found a second-hand copy in Melbourne at Easter. I still like it (worth it
for the slower versions of "Sister Death" and "Still And All") - but does
anoyne know what possessed Pat to slow down "Southern Mark Smith" and take
out the line "Thousands of people are queuing in the rain to meet the Pope"
(well the whole verse)?

* Oh well, the wait is almost over. Sorry about the long rant, have fun

The Jazz Butcher's biggest Tasmanian fan

P.S. Am I ever going to get to see the band down here? Not bloody likely, I