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Date: Sat, 26 Mar 1994 14:01:09 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: WWW going public

hello everyone.

now that the WWW home page has been up for a few days without
serious kinks (and over 100 visitors), i am going to announce it to the world.

quite a few of you have contributed to the contents (archives),
so we should have a collective brainstorm about how
the official "What's New in WWW" blurbs reads.

roughly: 3 sentences or so, no graphics (sigh), grab people's attention, etc.

i hope this would introduce many butcher virgins to the JBC
our little home here. maybe the blurb should include (shudder)
comparisons to other groups?

also.. if you have a WWW Home Page (ed, how's the server going?)
send me the URL and we can have a "meet the geeks" section or something.

(who now speaks HTML, sortof)