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Date: Wed, 16 Mar 94 12:08:37 GMT
From: edwardc[at]
Subject: Tapes

Silence equals too much work.

Hey! I got these butchbootlegs in the post the other day and they are
FAB! No other word.

There's not a lot to say about them to people who don't have them but I
think I will anyway. Anybody else had any reaction?

Anyone heard this Forum thing where he's supporting John Cale? Is this
man nervous or what? My heart goes out to the poor man. Not a bad
performance, either. Still, he is so obviously scared silly - even
before he says "I'm scared silly" which was a DEAD GIVEAWAY in my

What else? Still working through the Mean Fiddler acoustic set. Not bad.
The concert I got from way back (1990? Haven't got the box here) is
quite good. Loads of fun tunes. Brings back memories of, ermm, going to
see the man Fish, I suppose.

Big surprise: The Third Black Eg album is excellent! I really genuinely
enjoy it. I mean, we don't expect this to be anything other than an
extended joke on the part of Butch and - to a certain extent - the
released album was just about that. But the third one.... wow! I listen
to it through choice. Especially "I will Survive" and the amusing Gene
Pitney bits and the obscure bit that sounds like a eurythmics (as in the
method, not the group) trainer and... oh I could go on. What a total
revelation. I can hardly wait for their next official release.

"I mek heem squeel like a peeg."