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Date: Thu, 10 Mar 1994 06:37:54 -0600 (CST)
From: GOOSENMK[at]-remove-ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
Subject: HELLO

Just thought I'd introduce myself to other list members. My name is Miles
Goosens, and I've been a fan of the Butcher since 1986, when I picked up
_Bloody Nonsense_ after a review in OPTION magazine called the Butcher "a
present-day Ray Davies"--as a major Kinks fan, that made him irresistable.

Anyway, _Bloody Nonsense_, with its stellar selection of tracks from early
JBC albums, won me over quickly and I've been following the JBC ever since.
I've never been able to find the albums BEFORE _Bloody Nonsense_, but I
have bought all his U.S. releases since. Having been swept off my feet by
the wittiness of the Jazz Butcher, the more morose, serious sound of _Cult
of the Basement_ and _Condition Blue_ took some getting used to--not that
those albums aren't witty, just that it's usually very black humor indeed--
but now I love them both. BTW, is anyone else impressed by how LOUD
_Condition Blue_ is? Deceptively loud...I'll put it on in the car at what
I consider normal volume, and by the time "Shirley MacLaine" is finished, my
ears are beginning to ring...

If any list members can help me track down CDs of the early JB stuff (_A Bath
in Bacon_, _Sex and Travel_, _A Scandal in Bohemia_) or of Max Eider's solo
album, I'd be very grateful. I'm also up for trading live tapes; though I
have none of the JBC to swap, I do have a nice collection of R.E.M.,
Prince, Springsteen, Clash, and _Mountain Stage_ (a U.S. public radio live
performance show) to deal from, if anyone's interested.

I found this list in _The Internet Directory_ by Eric Braun, and I was
delighted to discover that this list exists and that there are other Jazz
Butcher fans out there (I've never met another, personally). Looking
forward to hearing from you all.


Miles Goosens