The Jazz Butcher
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Date: Monday, September 19th 2005 1127088000 (18 years 272 days ago)
Venue: The 12 Bar Club (Website)
Event: Pat & Max
Location: 26 Denmark Street London England W1
Telephone: 0171 209 2248
Admission: £6:00
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Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Max Eider ( guitar, vocals )
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Credit: Martin Reed



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Monday 19th September - The 12 Bar Club, Denmark Street, London

The Jazz Butcher - Anton Barbeau + guests tbc

Pat Fish and Max Eider together in this smashing little central London club.
Credit: pat

📝 Pat Says

The 12 Bar Club show was a gas. Lots of friendly faces and lovely little bottles of Budvar, plus a shouty French woman putting the moves on Joe Woolley, yea, even as we sang a tune about elephants at the seaside.

Herr Doktor Professor Eider responded well to his first live brush with digitisation, thrilling the room with guitars both eloquent and fierce.

Thanks to Anton (who sang Bob Dylan's Tangled Up In Blue!) for getting it together, thanks to Andy Lowe for booking us, thanks to John for a good live sound and thanks to everybody who came out.

Next Butcher -v- Eider action is in Hamburg at the KIR nightclub on Thursday 27th October, with Owen, Curtis and Joe all on board for a mega soul revue.
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