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Date: Thursday, December 21st 1995 819504000 (28 years 192 days ago)
Venue: The Garage
Event: "(billed as) ****** THE LAST JAZZ BUTCHER SHOW EVER ******"
Location: Highbury Corner London England
⭐ With
Max Eider ( vocals , guitar, vocals ) , Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals )
[poster for XX] Credit: Pierre Guillaume



Just thought you'd like to know that the gig at the Garage on the 21st of December is


And then, the JBC will be no more than a figment of our diseased imagination (we believe in collective, partial solipsism, us).

Oh, one more thing. McGee has asked for a valedictory Greatest Hits (sic) package, summarising the Creation years, and a track listing is currently under consideration. Any suggestions from you lot would be gratefully ridiculed (we're looking at around twenty tracks, I believe).

See you at the Garage,
Credit: Gabriel Turner 1995-12-01 12:43:15

♥ Reviews

Sitting as I am in an 'Internet Cafe', there's not a lot of time and I'm not really composed enough to offer a detailed description of events. However, I will say that it was a rocking show.

Set List: First off, Stranger Tractors. Loads of S/T songs, none of which I'd never heard before because I've never seen them play. Good band, actually. Pat looked cool on drums.

Then teeny tiny micro-mini set of Pat'n'Max. Three songs: Partytime, Drink (Max on vocals) and Girls who keep goldfish.

At this point, I crossed the thin line between sobriety and sheer intoxication [a line crossed some hours before by other members of the jbc-list by the looks of things] [and for which I owe Joe some beer if he ever wants to claim]. Fortunately, I managed to snarf the set list so I can tell you what they played: ODR [no idea], Mr Odd, Bakersfield, Our Friends the Filth, Old Snakey, Harlan, She's a yoyo, Scarlett, She's on Drugs, Sister Death.

Applause, disappearing band, more applause, reappearing band, encore: Take the skinheads bowling, Angels.

Angels was a stormer: everyone who has ever played guitar for the JBC on stage strumming away like they were going out of fashion (whoops, which they are). so much so that they omitted the listed second encore: Caroline Wheeler. Good job too, actually. No fitter ending than Angels, IMHO.

Pat has a copy of the show, which (when I get to send him a tape and some stamps) he'll duplicate on to me and David. Copies can no doubt filter out from these.

Took loads of photies. Enjoyed myself. Did not cry. Web site in memoriam when film is developed and I get somewhere other than this stinking caff to sit.


Credit: Ed Carter 1995-12-01 12:43:15 (Friday, 1st of December 1995 - 28 years 211 days ago)

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