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Date: Wednesday, August 17th 1994 777081600 (29 years 293 days ago)
Venue: The Borderline
Location: London England
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Alex Green ( Saxophone ) , Dooj Wilkinson ( bass ) , Gabriel Turner ( drums ) , Dave Henderson ( guitar )

📝 Pat Says

JBC in business success shock horror! Pissed at our agent for being useless, we booked this ourselves. As a consequence we were sent a contract more suited to joke pub-rock groups from Petersborough. You know the sort of thing: "You get 47¾ of the door between 8:45 and 10:17, minus £125 for the lights". Very un-trusting, and a bit insulting, really. Well, we went down there and played, and it looked like there were a good few civilians there. When Kathie went to get paid they gave her just over £400, which is twice what we would have asked for in the bloody first place! Still, if that's the way they wanted to do it, hey gang?

The show was loud and swinging. It seemed a little chaotic to me here and there, but Gabriel Turner , who is fussier than me in this department, said he thought it was the best that this line-up has played. So that's okay, then. Also, we met an old friend who is now organising tours (for The Cramps, among others), who was well into the band, and who has since replaced that scaley and unemployable agent. Nice evening! Also re-united with Harry, of Magic Stick fame (US '89), who had turned up, having just returned to London from living in Germany. Yes, a lovely night.
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