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Date: Saturday, August 6th 1994 776131200 (29 years 267 days ago)
Venue: It's Got To Be Belgium (Slurp's Wino Bar)
Location: Northampton England
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Transambient Communications were billed to open, but recording commitments prevented them. Instead their collaborator, Dave Kirby, presented his live sound system. On the dark and stormy night, under lights, it was hypnotic.

The Black Eg, on the other hand, were just chaotic.

Amid rumours that Kaerl was being impersonated by someone else, and confusion as to the origins of the mystery live vocals that had no visible source, violence broke out between the audience, the promoters, the bar owner, and, eventually, the band.

The event closed in confusion, during which it was observed that neither the brothers, not any member of the JBC could be found. We were here getting pissed.
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