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Date: Friday, November 23rd 1990 659318400 (33 years 221 days ago)
Venue: Roxy Theatre
Location: Los Angeles California USA
⭐ With
Pat Fish ( guitar, vocals ) , Laurence O'Keefe ( bass, vocals ) , Paul Mulreany ( drums ) , Julian Poole ( guitar ) , Alex Green ( Saxophone )
Soundboard, Quality: 10 (out of 10), Performance: B+, Interest: A+ (out of 10), Master Copy, DAT

Bootlegger: David Whittemore

♥ Reviews

Well, I made it to the JBC concert last night at the Roxy in LA! It was fantastic!! First of all, Alex Green did put me on the guest list-- that was really sweet, I wasn't sure if he would remember or not. It was great to be right in front in the middle the whole night, even if we thought we might get killed a few times by flying musicians! Anyway, I guess Pat Fish found a new fetish-- he went to a novelty store and purchased several "Flat Cats"! They're great -- they're cardboard cats that stand up -- he put them all over the back of the stage! The The Blue Aeroplanes were really good, although the lead mike kept going out. They seemed a little bit reserved compared to Boston -- that is, the dancer stayed on stage. For their last song, some of the JBC joined them -- I thought that was neat considering they hadn't even played yet.

Okay, JBC was incredible -- they really seemed to enjoy themselves. They were set up a little differently than in Boston. Instead of having the sax. and bass? ( or was it guitar) in back, all members were in front -- I liked it. They all seemed to have more of the spotlight, whereas before Pat and the long-hair on top guitarist seemed to have most of the limelight. Well, I was able to get a song list -- this guy next to me actually fought to get it and gave it to me!

Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present was with members of the The Blue Aeroplanes plus someone from the audience. Oh, towards the end they brought out a stuffed crocodile that waved its tail and bit at the air. Also, someone was blowing bubbles and at a crucial moment in a song, Pat broke a big bubble when the music stopped -- it was great! There was a heavy metal concert in a theater next door -- Pat was making jokes about playing there. (It was a real trip when we left the theater -- all of these people with long hair, boots, spurs, chains -- I felt short!)

Credit: davis[at]

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Set 1
The Entire Performance Soundboard - unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 > Denon DRW-850 > wavelab 6 > TLH > Make Torrent 2 > dime Azimuth calibrated and SBE corrected.
1. Conspiracy
2. She's On Drugs
3. Pineapple Tuesday
4. Marnie
5. Angels
6. The Best Way
7. Looking For Lot 49
8. Girl-Go
9. The Human Jungle
10. Mr. Odd
11. Sister Death
12. Girlfriend
13. Bigfoot Motel
14. Grooving in the Bus Lane
15. After The Great Euphrates
16. Panic In Room 109
17. The Basement
18. Real Men
19. Line Of Death
20. Partytime
21. Caroline Wheeler's Birthday Present
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