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Date: Fri, 29 Jul 94 16:18:46 CST
From: JOE BEAULIEU <jbeauli[at]>
Subject: the new Alternative Press

Theres a full page spread about Undrugged in the new Alternative Press.

The subheadline is "British label sobers up and celebrates its tenth
* anniversary. Jon Wiederhorn waits for the love bus".

* It goes on to say...

* Jazz Butcher eccentric Pat Fish had a different view [than Bob Mould who
* said 'now all I have to do is play Carnegie Hall and then I can quit'].
* 'Albert Hall means to me a load of rich English students raising Union
* Jacks to the sounds of Helga. It means Cliff Richard and Eric Clapton.
* We phoned up Creation to see if we could play, and they said yeah, but
* we had a press release ready that stated how we weren't going to play
* anywhere that Eric Clapton had played if they said there was no space
* for us'.

* Hey David, how was Bob Mould?