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Date: Thu, 28 Jul 1994 21:05:17 -0500
From: de l`abattoir <del[at]>
Subject: comment on WfltB

sez jbc-shirt-list coup leader Chris Camfield:
> Has anyone thought about how Waiting For The Love Bus contains almost NO
> sampled sounds, and does this mark a change? Positive or negative?

well, the samples on LoveBus (racecars, passing 'planes, etc) are in
the same spirit of how samples have always been used, i think.

the JBC use samples very much like how they use lyrics, as
a piece of the narrative. since a sample always(?) deal somewhat
with the topic/story at hand, it is just another way of saying:
"see, this is what it was like". pat once said that the reason
he used samples (during the Big Planet era) is that he can tell people:
"see this is *exactly* what it was like, i dont have to describe it for you".

so is it a change? it isnt as if they were a pop group that suddenly
discovered samplers and indiscriminately started dropping funny sounds
into a song simply because it was hip that year. it seems to me that
in the context of LoveBus (laid-back, mostly) it fits. Big Planet
had more, but then, Big Planet was released in a more obnoxious time.

can anyone tell me why all the and accounts
are bouncing all their email?

does anyone have a CD player handy? how about transcribing some lyrics?
done so far: filth, penguins, ghosts, president chang,
* angel station, girls say yes, racheland, angels, hysteria,
* rosemary davis, bad dream lover, kids in the mall, shirley,
* bakersfield, la mer, soul happy hour, ben, line of death, sweet water,
* bicycle kid, the good ones, domestic animal, new invention,
* whaddya, excellent, partytime, who loves you now
that leaves about 150 to go..

chris - keep up the good work with the shirts.