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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 94 21:07:35 -0500
From: del[at] (de l`abattoir)
Subject: Sinful Beat compilation tape order form

time to get off my ass.

this is the official order form for the `Sinful Beat' JBC comp tape
which i put together over x-mas from some older vinyl singles and stuff.

+------------------------- Sinful Beat Tape ----------------------------+
| from 1986 LP 12" GLASS GLAP104 (comes as free EP with GLALP020) |
| Peter Lorre, Big Old Wind, Conspiracy (You'll Be All Right), |
| Rebecca Wants Her Bike Back, Vienna Song, |
| Grooving In The Bus Lane (Original), It Has To Be You, Thing |
| 1987 LP 7" GLASS HMMM002 |
| Speedy Gonzalez, Knocking On Heavens Door, May I, Over You |
| from 1987 LP GLASS GLALP023 Big Questions/The Gift Of Music Volume 2 |
| Olof Palme, City Of Night, The Hairbrush And The Tank, Mersey |
| from 1990 LP 12" CREATION CRE083T We Love You |
| We Love You (554 Mix) |
| from 1990 LP 12" CREATION New Invention |
| Almost Brooklyn |

i have also added a bootleg listing at the end for those who
want specific recordings. limit yerselves, as it will take awhile
to get everything finished.

DAT-capable people feel free to help me out with the "common" requests.
we can work out the division of labor.

costs - not too greedy $5 per 90min dandy quality tape which includes postage.
people i owe know who they are and excess proceeds go towards the
HelpRepairPatsWaterHeaterAndBuyRedBands fund.

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