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Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 11:59:30 EST
From: David A Whittemore <del[at]>
Subject: What happened to...

> The idea that some folks were talking about, which arranged the creation of
> a compilation of either live stuff or rare tracks, I forget which? Did
> anything come of it?

actually, i have copied all of my vinyl b-sides and other uncommon
releases onto DAT, and i have made a couple of the dozen or
so copies that people have expressed interest in.

Philip: if you would like to help dub, i can send you a DAT..?

so, yes. its still happening, just at a snails pace.
i know who asked for copies, and will get back to y'all
as more copies get made.

> I've various times considered scanning in the cover to BPSP
> or CotB and having that put on a shirt...

this looks like your only option - i think that the shirts
they have made for each of the last tours are all they make.
once sold, thats it.

however... i bet some people here would interested in
picking up bootlegged shirts if someone were of a mind to
make em.