The Jazz Butcher
The Jazz Butcher Releases Western Family

Release Type: live
Media: CD
Released: 1993
Label: creation_records
Ring: the floor was slightly wet
Catalogue: CRECD148
1. Southern Mark Smith
2. Shirley Maclaine
3. Sister Death
4. Still & All
5. Pineapple Tuesday
6. Angels
7. Beautiful Snow-White Hair
8. She's On Drugs
9. Girl-Go
10. She's A Yo-Yo
11. Racheland
12. Everybody's Talkin'
13. Tugboat Captain
14. Over The Rainbow

Pat Fish - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Peter Crouch - Lead Guitar
Dooj Wilkinson - Bass, Vocals
Nick Burson - Drums
Iain O'Higgins - engineer
David Whittemore - engineer
Martin Stebbing (Rev. Botus Whiteblood Fleming) - producer
Pascal Legras - sleeve
Mark Brown - photography
Mike Egli - photography
Kathie McGinty - mileage, maintenance
Karen Shook - tour management, leisurewear

Tom Peterson

Thanks and respect are extended to Frank Riley, Peter McCulloch, Jennifer Blair, Jim Parker, Pam Cross, Ellen and Suzanne at In-Press, Gareth Hardman, Steve Cranwell, Sal Garza, J'Anna Jacobi, Deirdre O'Donoghue, Kottie Lurie, Roadkill Joe, The Jersey Posse, Lucien Borderline, Gillian Barclay, Larry Collins, Conrad Sverkersson, Tom Peterson, Don Chow, Douglas Long, Anne Kiener, Liz Garo, Cole Coonce, Rob Zieger and the Seattle Crew, Knight Berman and all in Atlanta, Ligga and Meathook, Tony Brusdeilins, The Elefanthaus Posse, Tony and Joe Foster, Rex Sargeant, Judge Curtis, The Walkabouts, LX Chilton, Downey Mildew, D. Elvis Parker, and the Scum.
Liner Notes
Recorded live by David Whittemore at Tippitina's, New Orleans; The Cotton Club, Atlanta; El Mocambo, Toronto; The Nick, Birmingham, Alabama and Lounge Ax, Chicago, Illinois, USA. Mastered by Martin Stebbing (Rev. Botus Whiteblood Fleming) . No overdubs, drop-ins or any of that nonsense.
The Butcher Says..
Yes, I believe something horrible DID happen to the tapes somewhere. The first time that Richard Formby and I played this CD we sat there laughing. Still, Bootleg No.2 is easier to get used to than the first one, so again, it's a souvenir. After all, if you were there, you can remember what it really sounded like. For loonie completists only, for sure, though, if you listen through the muck, you'll see that we did our bit. ;;Pat Letter: 1993-08-30;;/letters/93Aug30/albums.html#family;;1993-08-30