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The Good Ones
Now God knows what He's doing.
And God knows me and you.
And Jesus loves the Spacemen.
yes... Three
And Jesus! I love you.
I hate you to go, there's no use in hiding,
Head for the sunset and boy, keep driving,
With the good ones.

Now I think you'd laugh to hear this tune
If you were here tonight.
But I thought I saw you the last time twice.
Turns out one time I was right.
Man and machine in the night keep driving,
Man and machine never might arrive...
With the good ones.

Now they ask if I've heard voices...
Only sometimes, late at nights.
I don't get too much sleep these days.
I don't turn out the light.
But now I'm going to bed 'coz there's no more rhymes,
We're out of our heads at the best of times
With the good ones.
The good ones.

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