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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics President Reagan's Birthday Present


President Reagan's Birthday Present
Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2)

See, I was riding in my Jumbo
I was sitting in the chair
When a squadron full of Bolsheviks came flying through the air
They were Communists and assholes,
They were hicks and they were squares
They were Communists in MiGs
They got me then and there

Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2)

This, I swear was an actual headline in our diseased tabloid press, some time around October '83. I only saw it over somebody's shoulder on a train, so God alone knows what the article was about...

Bring it on down
Rock it on down
Oh, Rock and Roll - phew!

It's a song about life.
Yeh, it's a song about life.
Yeh, real life

Red Russians shot my rocket down (x2)

So what are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do about it? (repeat)
What are you gonna do about this, President, Man?

Happy Birthday, dear Mr. President!

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Having exhausted the initial stick of JB songs, I was obliged for the first time to write about my life as it was at the time. I think that now we had started to learn about actually creating recordings rather than just recording the sound of a bunch of pals fooling around. This one I'd actually defend at length if I had to.
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Contribution: President Reagan's Birthday Present
"Originally the song appeared on a compilation from 1983 called 'City of Silver, which came out on Plastic Head Records. It was an imaginary compilation of bands from Los Angeles, one of which was 'The Plymouth Fastbacks' who performed 'Red Russians Shot My Rocket Down'. Max and I (we were, in fact, 'The Plymouth Fastbacks') were sent a little sequenced bass loop. We simply climbed on back of that and wigged out; The song on 'Sex & Travel' is a remodelling with the whole band."
Source: Pat Fish - from "Miracles & Wonders"
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Plastic Head Records LP

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