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The Jazz Butcher Lyrics Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar


Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar
Let's take the elevator
Up through the roof
And we'll step right out of time
While I spin you some rhymes
Man, it's nothing but the gospel truth.
It wasn't a real one
Lord, that would be mad
If you lived in a place like Formby
Like Melanie Hargreaves' dad.
It was a lovely shade of lilac
It was father's pride and joy.
She was the first girl that he ever kissed
He was a lucky, lucky boy.
It was a proper car of destiny
And that destiny came down
Upon Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar.
Whoa, oh, oh
Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar.
So, show me the hedge
Lord, tell me it's bedtime
'Coz I just can't face all the facts of this case
They're too painful to relay.
Kids from the city
Took the Jaguar away
Drove it down to the beach and torched it
Could still be there today.
It was a lovely shade of lilac
Now, it's a mostly burned-out black.
And how ever much she'd love it to
It ain't ever coming back.
And one day I'm gonna sell up everything I own
And I'll run away with you
And it won't be nobody's business were we are
Just like Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar.
Whoa, oh, oh
I said: Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar.
That's Melanie Hargreaves' Father's Jaguar.

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