The Jazz Butcher


What a catalogue of degradation is here
What a sad bad messed up state of affairs
I've tried everything
I've tried everything
All that honey wants is to follow the instructions
She won't believe it doesn't work that way
I've got all the right questions but she doesn't want the answers
No she doesn't want to hear a word I say

Now she's feeling very lonely
Now she thinks that she's no good
Now she doesn't know where home is
And the cold November London weather
Burns her like no desert ever could

All that honey wants is someone to watch Twin Peaks with
She'll be kissing frogs from here to judgment day
It's like automatic writing, I don't mean to be impertinent
But she's gonna think what she's gonna think

Now she's as far away as China
Now I'm crying every day
She says she put it all behind her
I can't take it
How does a girl get ahead these days (x7)

All that honey ever wants is love (x7)
All she'll ever have to do without

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Condition Blue
For all the pain and crap from which this record was made, the actual sessions were a gigantic and wonderful party. This was warmly received by The Outside World, less popular among those who counted themselves JBC afficionados. This IS the sound of me having fun, and getting me to do that in those dark days of mid-1991 was no small job.
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The Violent Years
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Fire Records 4xCD

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