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Date: Thu, 22 Dec 1994 11:04:57 +0000 (GMT)
From: Michael H Whitworth <michael.whitworth[at]>
Subject: stray steg(g) and other creatures

On the subject of the stray steg / birdleg / from Winnipeg (excuse the
spelling) I was under the impression that it was a stray Stegosaurus, I
suppose as Mr Odd is a man out of his time, though the exploits of a stray
Austrian musician might conceivably be comparable.

Back on the subject of Girls Say Yes, Pete Crouch (one time schoolfriend
in Henley on Thames) said that it was about "falling in love in Los
Angeles and getting f***ed up by it". Perhaps his guitar playing is more
eloquent than his plot summaries. Another person, like Gabriel, who
joined the JBC by following them around for months on end. He used to
be in a band round Henley and Reading called Peter's Walnut Whirls, round
about 1986-88. They did covers of Dire Straits and early JBC - hence
the guitar break on Girls Say Yes sounds like the beautiful lovechild of
Max Eider and Mark Knopfler.

All this pop trivia may be on the WWW but I've still not figured out how to

Seasonal Gratings to all,