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Date: Wed, 21 Dec 1994 22:44:36 -0600 (CST)
From: Amy E Gregoret <greg0003[at]>
Subject: Harlan

Sr. Cooper said it well. I got into Harlan Ellison at around 13 . . .
funny, dark, spooky, nuts, steadfast, a total crank. Imagination. I had
the same experience listening to CB for the first time, wondering whether it
was *that Harlan. I was pleased. And "Honey" was my first and perhaps
still favorite on thattun. It just doesn't hang around my cerebrum like
th' others. But the verse with Twin Peaks in it, it's just so thick with
words ( . . . it'likeautomaticwriting Idon'tmeantobeimpertinent
butshe'sgonnathinkwhatshe'sgonnathink). An excellent bile song.

A lyrics question (I am still ruminating on the birdlime issue, trying to
phrase my support of the word in context) raised by a pal this evening
while "Distressed Gentlefolk" was on. What the HELL is the bit they
repeat throughout "Big Bad Thing" at the breaks? Guess this must
have been puzzling me since I was sixteen.