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Date: Wed, 14 Dec 94 09:18:28 PDT
From: jcooper[at]
Subject: title under construction

Arik Kissinger Florimonte <frendli[at]> wrote:

> I grab Condition Blue more than any other in the last year or so... I don't
> like all the songs (I usually skip Harlan & Honey) But Shirley MacClaine and
> Filth are definite classics.

I'm particularly fond of "Harlan." When I was an overintelligent teenage nerd,
Harlan Ellison's science-fiction stories were among the only ones I could find
that were as passionate, as sensitive and as angry as I was...and I remember the
first time I heard this song, and Pat singing "...A boy and his dog...Alone
against tomorrow..." I got a chill as I realized he'd read the same stories I
did, and was moved enough by them to write a song.

John Cooper - jcooper[at] - Seattle, Washington, USA
"All that Honey wants is just someone to watch Twin Peaks with..."